We have Three programs and they each follow a 9-12 week periodized cycle. Each one has their own daily workout, unique focus and goals.

Every single regularly scheduled class will offer you the option of choosing a workout from one of these three programs. You can stay on one program for the entire cycle, or you can jump around depending on what is programmed for that day. The choice is yours.

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Our General Fitness Program for people who don't want the high intensity of a CrossFit style workout.

Want to learn pull ups, muscle ups, rope climbing, and handstands? Of course you do. And best of all, the class is fun, creative, and you are guaranteed to learn something every day.


CrossFit PB is home to a five time California Regionals team and over 30 individual regional athletes. We are the longest running CrossFit gym in Pacific beach.

Whether you are looking for recreational or competitive CrossFit, San Diego Athletics has the track record to get you there.


The Muscle Development program is a new age approach to old school bodybuilding.

It is designed for athletes that desire focused strength training, increased muscle mass, and isolation exercises to look good, feel good, and play even better.