All About Essential Oils Work

Essential oils enter the body in two ways. Most of the time, they enter through the nose and our sense of smell detects odors and sends messages to the brain via the olfactory glands. This is where the therapy process begins. 

Effects such as relaxation or refreshment, stimulating memory, or feelings of relief or well-being can vary from person to person. You can also get information about the best natural oil blends for diffuser via the web.

Essentials Oils

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Introducing the smell of oil into the nasal passages can be done by putting a few drops on a towel, mixing a few drops well in a hot tub, using a water-based candle burner or an electric diffuser that can spread the odor around the room.

Essential oils can also be absorbed dermally through the skin after massage. Massage can range from a simple hand or shoulder massage, which is often used on elderly or very sick patients, to a full body massage.

How do you make an essential oil blend for massage?

Essential oils should not be used directly on the skin but must be mixed with a carrier oil first. The most popular are sweet almond or grapeseed, but also others like marigolds, peaches, apricots, and others.

When mixing essential oils into massage oil, use a mixture of no more than 3%. This is a maximum of 3 ml of essential oil per 100 ml of essential oil. This is about 20 drops in 1 ml.

All essential oils have different properties because they are composed of different compounds.

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