All About Massage Therapy

Massage is perhaps the oldest and simplest form of medical treatment. These are some of the most important methods of pain relief. Following are a few types of massage therapy:

1 Rolfe

2. Reflexology

3. Shiatsu

4. Thai massage

5. Ayurveda

6. Pregnancy

Each of these types of massage has a different purpose. If you are physically active, you can treat yourself to a sports massage. But be aware of your therapist whether he is a certified therapist or not, you should always go for a certified massage therapist.  Pregnancy massage, as the name suggests, is for women-to-be. It reduces discomfort associated with pregnancy and promotes a shorter and easier birth. Etc.

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Massage therapy has many benefits, from improving circulation and immunity to relieving pain from illness and injury. Massage therapy releases the "feel good" hormone, allowing the client to relax and reduce stress. If the client is unable to control stress, this can lead to illness and worsen pre-existing conditions.

Massage is good for everyone; from premature babies to the elderly. Massage helps babies develop and grow; helps children with various medical, physical, and emotional problems; and eases the pain of the dying.

There are two ways to receive massage therapy. The first option is to go to a spa and the second is to hire a licensed massage therapist. The latter can come to your home and massage you in the safety and comfort of your own home.

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