All About Medical Stent Manufacturing

According to the research analysis, the global vascular medical balloon stent market is highly fragmented and the five major players represent the majority share. Abbott, Boston Scientific, Cardinal Health, Cook Medical, and Medtronic are the main players in the market.

Other players are limited to one region and have a limited product portfolio. The market will continue to witness steady growth during the forecast period. Bigger players are focused on expanding their global footprint. Continue reading to know more about balloon design & manufacturing.

medical stent manufacturers

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They thrive in developing countries through acquisitions or partnerships with regional players. APAC will continue to grow due to government awareness initiatives. Suppliers are also introducing low-cost products in the region to increase sales and increase profit margins.

Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific develops, manufactures, and markets medical devices, and its product lines include vascular, orthopedic, interventional, neurosurgical products, pulmonary products, and medical products.

It focuses on expanding its products by developing modern technologies to increase the productivity and usability of existing products.

Primary health

Cardinal Health is a global integrated healthcare products and services company that provides customized solutions for hospital systems, medical clinics, ASCs, pharmacies, and clinical laboratories around the world.

It improves the efficiency of the hospital-to-home supply chain by providing clinically proven medicines and cost-effective solutions. 

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