All You Need to Know About Centrifugal Pumps

Pumps are generally found in industries fundamentally for smooth operation and fluid transfers from one point to another. Centrifugal pump is a multipurpose pump that is suitable for various applications that demand reliable and cost-effective functions. These pumps are the ultimate in simplicity and use centrifugal force to move fluids through piping systems. You can get more details about centrifugal pump via 

The centrifugal pump changes the primer mover's energy into kinetic energy and then this kinetic energy is converted into fluid pressure energy. It possesses an impeller with a central eye through which the fluid enters the pump. The high-speed impeller accelerates the fluid radially outward from the pump chasing. This increases the fluid pressure and thus gets pushed out of the pump into a pipe to continue its flow.

Some of the main pump types are:

Closed coupled pumps:

A Close-coupled pump, like centrifugal pumps, utilizes an impeller driven through a motor shaft adaptor that is attached directly to the electric drive motor. The head of the close couple pump is supported with a rear housing bolted directly to the motor flange. Essentially, closed coupled pumps are extensively used for chemical processes, deionization of water, and treatment of wastewater.

End suction pumps:

In end-suction pumps, the fluid flows directly into the impeller and its design forms a 90° angle between the inlet and outlet. End suction pumps are employed for diverse applications- Industrial liquid transfer, industrial pressure boosting, water supply, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning), and irrigation.

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