An Overview of Available Spray Booths

The auto paint industry has some interesting developments to share. Many people may not be familiar with the different types of spray booths and the differences between them.

What is a spray booth?

The history of spray booths, which are used to paint cars, goes back more than a hundred years. You can also browse at to know about automotive spray booth specialits in CA.

Originally used to paint walls and furniture, this paint was first used on cars in the early 1900's when it was discovered that the paint needed to maintain metal for cars could not be applied with a brush.

There are 3 main types of cabins; Series 1, 3 and 5. Each booth has different specifications and features, which are discussed in this article.

Series 1 spray sleeves were originally designed as an economical, low cost chamber that is still very reliable. With some of the features that only high-quality spray booths usually associate with, Series 1 is perfect for tight spaces as it has a compact roof air conditioner.

Series 3 is a very popular option. The wide doors make loading and unloading easy and are completely covered with glass, providing a clearer view.

The series 3 cab also has a 140 mm floor height that does not require digging. With a wide range of functions, the Series 3 is at the top of the market and an outstanding system.

Series 5 is an elite design. The highly specific 5 series devices have been manufactured to the highest standards, making them the best the industry has to offer.

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