Buy High-Quality Bubble Hockey Tables Online

Bubble hockey is an indoor game that gains fast popularity as soon as you have a hockey table set up in the game room. Owing to a bubble hockey table is a very gentle learning curve and an opportunity to improve hand-eye coordination. 

Hockey is very easy to pick up and learn even by a non-athletic person. If you want to buy a hockey table online then visit this site right here to find the latest designs.

Bubble hockey sticks are basically ergonomically shaped with good quality wooden. You can either purchase a pre-made hockey stick or assemble one yourself to create a custom hockey kit better suited to your playstyle.

In a bubble hockey match, you need to constantly manipulate the speed and the spin of the ball in order to trick the opponent to lose the point. This cannot be achieved with the wooden base alone and hence you need to attach a rubber top-layer on either side of the wooden base to guide the ball better. 

The main play area is of 9ft length, 5ft width dimension and placed at least 30 inches from the ground. These hockey tables are made from hardwood and have a smooth surface to reduce friction as much as possible. 

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