Conductive flooring

ANSI Defines the resistance of conductive flooring as LESS than 1 million (106) Ohms. Conductive flooring systems give the lowest amount of charge and the fastest charge dissipation in the ESD Production environment. They are grounded by an electrical strip that connects the flooring to the grounding connection like wall outlets. One grounding strip of copper is required for each 1000 square. feet. of ESD flooring.

  • Hospital OR’s still using flammable anesthetics
  • HTML0Extremely sensitive computer and electronic equipment for assembly, manufacturing, and test areas.
  • Some rooms are clean and have highly delicate equipment
  • Extremely sensitive telecommunication installation areas
  • Diagnostic instrumentation areas for medical use with instruments that are extremely sensitive

Conductive flooring that is electrically wired is often known as anti-static conductive flooring. It is identified by an electrical resistance between 104 and 1015 ohms.

Non-Conductive Rubber Flooring / Insulative Switchboard Mats

Non-conductive mats or insulative mats as well as floor runners, also referred to as mats for switches, make use of insulation materials that block the circulation of electricity and also protect against deadly shocks. They are commonly used as mats for workstations that are localized. The dialectic strength can provide an insulative base for those who work near high voltage equipment that can reach 50,000V.

ESD Safe Flooring Requirements

The ANSI/ESD S20.20 is a process-based document that provides guidelines for a set of test procedures to evaluate ESD safety. Three segments are the basis of the specification for conductive flooring.

“ANSI 20.20 ESD” requires an equal resistance of the floor as well as the individual (cumulative) to have a resistance less than 35 million Ohms. This ranges from 10, 000 (107) Ohms and 100,000,000 (108) Ohms. Electrical Safety Standards call for the floor to be able to withstand not less than 25,000. (between the 104 to between 105 and 104) Ohms.

Choosing Proper ESD Flooring

ESD floors and control of static frequently require the expertise of a specialist for difficult situations. Certain liquids that are flammable and specific industry standards for gases or vapors might require higher or lower resistances. Context is a crucial aspect in deciding on the design of an ESD controlling system.

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