Digital Photography Tricks – How to capture speed with perfect panoramic photos

Browse any motorcycle magazine and you will see panoramic images everywhere. The photographer somehow managed to make a vehicle moving at high speed appear completely still while still capturing the sensation of movement and creating a color-blurred background.

This is an interesting type of photography, but you would be wrong to think that getting the look just right takes years of training and is best left to the experts. You can find the best Sydney best photography studios at

When are panoramic photos used? The answer is the most popular sports – such as cycling and running and motorsports. Techniques like that can make your nature and wildlife photos seem otherworldly.

Birds are excellent targets. Goose or Goose, being rather slow and woody, makes surprisingly easy targets for panning. A panoramic image allows the viewer to feel the effects of motion.

Compare this to a comparable still image taken at a very fast shutter speed and you'll see what makes an image great. To make your photography more professional you need a good back ground setup.

The object must move from left to right or back. A bright background that is blurry and vibrant can give the impression of moving, but the goal is to make sure the subject is clearly visible.

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