Gift Ideas For Someone in a Nursing Home

My experience with this predicament stems from two things; my experience working in a nursing home and our experience with our parents in assisted living. This article is more about how to choose gifts for someone with dementia.

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Space: Unless the person is in a private room, there will be space issues. Even a room with two beds will experience some of these difficulties. One example that we must strive for is our parents' television. It is a gift and can be a problem. As you can see this is a 60 inch set and not all single rooms are set up for such a thing.

Rules: All institutions have rules about what patients can have. The life support is quite degrading until you get to the memory section. The rules in this unit must be strict for everyone's safety. For example, we had to remove all the scissors that our larger pair of scissors had, and we had to be careful not to let them into the office and "borrow" the director's scissors.

Medical Conditions: It partially returns to the wards and recreation room. Our other elders are highly allergic to almost every scented object known to man. If she is in a facility in a common room or ward, she will have a severe allergic reaction to flowers and perfumes. It's a good idea to ask if your parents share a place to live before giving this type of gift.

There are also things that sick people can't eat. It is not recommended to bring a kilo of chocolate for diabetics. Talk to your senior doctor about food and other restrictions before choosing a gift.

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