Honey! Why Does It Have Such A Long Lifespan?

Honey is one of those magical foods that people have been using for centuries. It owes its worldwide use to its many advantages with an additional longer shelf life. Pure honey is raw and can last for centuries. 

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During excavations of the Egyptian pyramids, honeycombs were found, closed jars of honey that were not crushed. This is clear evidence that pure honey can be stored for a very long period of time.

The properties that prevent honey from spoiling are:-

The purity of honey is judged by its water content. Moisture content below 20% indicates good honey quality. This water concentration is not sufficient for microorganisms to multiply and multiply in the air.

Honey has a very low pH of 3 to 4.5. Acidic pH inhibits the growth of many microorganisms.

The higher sugar concentration is another important factor that stops the growth of microorganisms. The combination of high sugar concentration and low water content prevents fermentation. Microorganisms cannot defend themselves because they are dehydrated during osmosis due to the high sugar concentration. The same principle is used when canning fruit jam.

Hydrogen peroxide is produced by the enzyme glucose oxidase, which is present in honey and can inhibit microbial growth in honey.

The protein content is relatively low. Microorganisms cannot live with low nitrogen content.

Many microorganisms cannot absorb fructose, the main component of honey.


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