Reasons Why Playing Scrabble Is Good For You

Many people might claim the game of Scrabble is beneficial for your health because it makes you be calm and focused on the board. Whatever the case we've got reasons to consider why playing Scrabble is great for your health regardless of whether you're a thinker or shouter.

Improve your vocabulary: Of course that if you engage in Scrabble regularly, you'll be able to increase your vocabulary. With over 180,000 words included in the Official Scrabble dictionary, you're bound to discover some new terms or two. You may also get navigated to this site to find scrabble descrambler words online.

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Studies have proven how the capacity to comprehend and read vertical spelling is significantly enhanced for those who play Scrabble regularly.

Learn to be strategic: Scrabble is an excellent game to play strategy. It's true that the blank tile is available at any time you'd like, and helps to clean your plate. However, if playing it at the right moment, you'll score additional 30 points. 

Additionally, you'll learn some tips on when to play a word, and how to prevent your opponent from building upon your own words. In Scrabble, it's not only about how you arrange the tiles, but also the way you play the game.

A recent study suggests that regular games can boost certain cognitive skills. For instance, the brain in humans is much better at understanding and reading words that are written horizontally, however it's not as efficient when you use vertical spelling.

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