What Is 2D Animation And Why Is It Popular In Marketing In Malaysia?

When you hear the word “2D animation”, most likely, you associate it with classic Disney films or The Simpsons. That’s because animation is a popular form of entertainment and is widely used for creating animated movies and cartoons.

But nowadays, the animation is becoming more and more popular in the marketing world. With the growth of video content, many companies are considering using 2D video animation in their marketing campaigns. This is because animated videos are engaging and can have a huge impact on viewers. You can take the help of 2d animation studio for creating the best animation videos.

Popular types of 2D animation videos

Today animation has become the norm in video production and we see it in movies, commercials, and social media every day. 2D animation is inherently suitable for many industries and applications. 

Here are some common uses of 2D animation:

• TV shows and movies

• Infotainment videos

• Tagged videos and ads

• 2D video explained

• Product demonstration

• Training and instructional videos

• Animated videos for whiteboard

2D animation is a tried and tested format for many companies to use to increase brand awareness and present their products or services.

Benefits of 2D animation

Many companies integrate 2D animation into their marketing processes. Animating information and using storytelling techniques allow companies to convey complex ideas to a wider audience. Since most people learn visually, the animation is a great choice when you need to convey highly technical information.

2D animation videos are also inexpensive as they are easier to produce than 3D animation and live video. They have shorter production times – it usually takes around 6 to 8 weeks to create an animated video, but the timeline can also be increased to meet shorter deadlines.

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