What Is A Notary Public And What Does A Notary Do?

A notary is an official person who is empowered by the local government to act as an impartial witness to any third party when signing important documents. Notaries play an important role in certifying various kinds of important legal documents, from business transactions to family documents. In some states, notaries can also take certain oaths.

What Kinds Of Documents Are Notarized?

The specific types of documents that are usually certified are almost limitless. The most common types of documents that require a notary are:

  • Case
  • Will Powers
  • Foreign and International Business Documents
  • Fiduciary and Real Estate Closings
  • Mortgage and Loan Notes
  • Title Changed

In addition to ensuring the validity of these documents, notaries from https://www.onsitenotarybyjennifert.com are often appointed to take certain oaths and make written statements.

What Does A Notary Public Do?

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Why Must These Documents Need Notarization?

The notary acts as an impartial third witness in this matter to ensure that the transaction is valid, that the documents are executed properly, and that no party is harmed. Public notaries verify the identity of each party by checking government-issued IDs with photos and often taking people's fingerprints. The notary also monitors the participants to ensure that all parties are sound, reasonable, and willing to make arrangements.

How Do I Hire A Notary?

Notaries can be found in most city offices, including post offices and courtrooms. In this public service, the notary's signature service is usually free to the public. Notary services are also often offered at banks and law firms, although you usually need to be a client to receive these services. For last-minute deals, mobile notaries are available in several areas to get to where the transactions are going to happen.

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