All about Adhesive tape?

Adhesive tape is a combination of adhesive material and film and is used to glue or bond items together, rather than using fasteners, screws, or welding. Applying self-adhesive tape instead of mechanical fasteners allows you to use lower temperature applications, which can simplify the production process.

In addition, adhesive tape can protect your surface because there is no need to damage the surface with fasteners or screws. 

If you are looking to buy adhesive tapes, then have a look at Avioparts which has been Excellence in Aviation Services since 1993. Self-adhesive tape is a great solution for automated product production, while liquid adhesives are messy and time-consuming because they need to be sprayed or rolled on the surface before sticking.

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Self-adhesive tape is made of:

The adhesive tape consists of a material called a carrier (paper, plastic film, cloth, foam, etc.) which is coated with an adhesive and, if necessary, a release pad. The back or backing, then coated with adhesive and then rolled to form a long jumbo ribbon roll.

The jumbo roll is then cut into narrow strips to make multiple rolls of ribbon. Each roll and composition is unique and can be adapted to a wide variety of adhesive solutions for specific applications.

Use of self-adhesive tape:

Adhesive tape can be pressure sensitive, thermally activated, or even require moisture to function. Others, such as latex rubber, stick to themselves.

Choosing the right adhesive for your project requires a good understanding of the application and the substrate or media used.


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