Do You Know What Causes Bed Bugs?

When people are asking about the causes of the bed bug infestation, they really refer to the causes of problems with bed bugs. It's similar to asking what causes humans, they're similar to us. We locate a nice place to reside in, with an adequate food source and we are at peace and secure, and we have lots of kids! The same is true for bed bugs.

Bed bugs feed off blood from humans and the closer they are to a healthy supply of blood, the more beneficial for them. They may be found in your favorite sofa or chair, but their preferred location is around mattresses and beds, where they are for at the very least, a couple of hours on a daily basis. The human body is their most frequent food source.

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They are inclined to prefer areas that are packed with people, nature and cleanliness have very little to do with the place they live. It's all about the food they eat. They were once associated with areas with poor sanitation, such as flophouses or motels that were cheap; however, they're not afraid to move into multi-million dollar houses. 

The adult bed bug appears as tiny as a roach flea that has a reddish-brown body similar to a tiny roach. Examine your bed thoroughly. In the daytime, they will tend to conceal in crevices and cracks between your bed or around it. They feed only at night.

Examine carefully your mattress, sheets, and box springs, and If you spot a plethora of these pests is it time to bring the exterminators to your house. 

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