Many Reasons For Breast Problems

Breast problems including lumps, pain and discharge are usually discovered by self examination. They can be pretty scary for a woman because they make her think of breast cancer. Women should contact with a breast cancer specialist in Sydney every time they notice something unusual in their breast area. It has been often said that periodical self examination of breasts can save lives. 

Breast lumps can occur for various reasons and in most cases, they are not cancerous. However, the woman should undergo some tests to be sure of their nature. In young women, breast lumps are often the result of hormonal changes and occur before the period. 

If they soon disappear, they are nothing to worry about. In women over 30, a breast lump requires mammography and perhaps other tests to exclude the possibility of cancer. Breast lumps can be cysts, adenomas or abscess lumps. 

Breast problems can also include pain. This is usually related to a woman's period and it occurs just before it. It turns into a problem if it's constant or if it bothers the woman at different times of the month, with no connection to the period. 

Sometimes herbal remedies can alleviate breast problems such as breast lumps, pain or discharge.

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