The Most Common Reasons For Anxiety

Anxiety disorders affect 13-18% of the population. However, we all experience various forms of anxiety throughout our lives. An anxious mental state can be defined as feeling fearful, worried, uneasy, or afraid. 

This anxiety is often future-oriented. It means that our fears are directed towards possible threats or negative experiences which have yet to happen. If you want to get more information about anxiety disorder then, you can explore our website

Different forms of anxiety

There are many types of anxiety. It all depends on the trigger that causes our fear, worry, and dread. These are the most commonly discussed types of anxiety in psychology research. However, there are likely other types of anxiety (specific phobias and existential anxiety, for example) that are not as easily categorized. These are the types I'll be talking about in this post.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety refers to a concern or fear about social situations. People may avoid situations that involve large groups (e.g., school, work or public speeches, high school reunions, etc.). We may also feel uncomfortable with or avoid certain types of 1-to-1 interactions, such as job interviews, dating, meeting celebrities, or interacting for the first time with someone.

Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety, unlike social anxiety, is a fear of or concern about performing. It can be a student taking a final exam at school or a musician performing live on stage or an athlete competing in a major sporting event. Anxiety can make it difficult to perform at our best.

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