Selecting a Childcare Center in Jordan Springs that Offers Safe Environment For Children

A child care center is the best choice a parent can make for their child’s safety and health while away from home. Every year, thousands of children are treated at emergency rooms for injuries sustained in child care centers and childcare homes. Some of these children die, unfortunately.

There are steps you can take to ensure your child is well taken care of while you are away. A parent should first ask if the childcare center or home has an open-door policy. If the answer is “no”, then that provider should be rejected. The next step is to ask potential providers if they are licensed by the state’s childcare licensing agency to operate a home or childcare center and if the certification is current. You can narrow down your search for theĀ best childcare in Jordan Springs via

Make sure that all staff has been trained in blood-borne pathogens. For diseases such as Hepatitis B, AIDS, etc., and other antibiotic-resistant strains, ensure that childcare staff wears disposable gloves when changing diapers or administering first aid.

Also, ensure that diapers and gloves are disposed of in separate trash labeled as ‘Bodily Fluids’. Plastic bags and locking lids are required for all trash containers. Every day, all trash must be removed. Parents shouldn’t be afraid to ask for the license and most recently completed inspection dates.

Ask about how many children they are licensed to care for, including toddlers, infants, and seniors. Check that staff had background checks done by the state investigative agency and the local police department. For a small fee, local police departments and health and human service agencies will often request background checks on behalf of parents.

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