Free Shipping Myths and How Some Companies Can Offer It

Without a doubt, free shipping has become the boom or bust, make or break, must-have customer-based incentive for most, if not all, online retailers. On the one hand, it's a safe way to get customers to fill up strollers, refill cash registers, and keep coming back. If you are looking for the best free shipping then Ship Hype is best option for you.

Free Shipping Myths and How Some Companies Can Offer It

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On the other hand, free shipping can and will hurt a healthy business if it is done inefficiently and without insight. How do some retailers get away with such incentives to open their eyes without compromising their profits?

Boom Style Benefits from Free Shipping

There has been a lot of research on consumer habits regarding free shipping over the last five to ten years. One, conducted by the Wharton School of Business in 2004, found that 52% of online shoppers exit their virtual shopping carts after completing part of the shipping and handling process.

After all, an average of nearly 50% of prospective buyers visit a website, fill their cart, and then throw it all away when they see the dollar sign go up in terms of cost and attention to getting them to their door.

Myth free shipping

If you're reading this as a shipper, online retailer, or ecommerce novice, you probably already know that nothing is free in life and that when it says free on the front of the box, there's bound to be a little star with inflation-ridden next to it standing behind. Unfortunately, the same goes for free shipping.

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