Different types of door access control systems in Accrington

In Accrington, to ensure that only authorized personnel enters your facility, door access authentication systems are vital. There are many options available that will allow you to authenticate each entry to your company. Workplace door access control systems can be used to authenticate every entry.

This could include entering certain numbers on a keypad at the main entrance or biometric authentication.  Also, you can click here to know more about access control systems. They may have different levels of security and different pricing. These are some of the options available for automatic authentication.

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Keypads – A keypad system attached to an electrical lock is the most cost-effective way to authenticate door entry. Most businesses will use a lock with a pin for a single-door entrance. This is not ideal for security purposes. You can also assign separate pins to users, which are all connected to the central control system. This will increase security.

Fingerprint authentication: To read fingerprints, there are many systems and technologies available. A scanner or pressure-sensitive material can be used to identify fingerprints. Your card will not be lost or stolen. In Accrington, this is the most secure door access authentication system. Sometimes, however, the system might not be able to recognize a registered fingerprint if you have dirty fingers or your fingerprint is worn out.

Recognition of facial features: Facial recognition systems rely on the capture and identification of facial metrics. Employees are required to register for the system. A picture of them is taken, which is then used at the door for comparison. For facial identification, high-resolution cameras are used to capture pictures of individuals.

Technologies such as 3D image matching and measuring distance between the eyes are used. This mechanism reduces the time it takes to gain access. It identifies a person's facial metrics as they walk towards the door.

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