Discover Why Learning Requires Interactions, and an Instructor

The field of distance learning is constantly evolving not only from a technological perspective but also from the way online courses are taught. When this field was developed for higher education in the early 2000s, one of the main concerns was the ability of this form of teaching to emulate traditional classroom learning.

Over time, most online schools incorporate some form of teacher-student interaction as part of the curriculum, usually through asynchronous discussion, so students can still experience many of the similar elements of a traditional classroom. If there are currently any doubts about the ability to study effectively in a virtual environment, the pandemic has helped eradicate it. You can check the best E-Learning platform for the better learning.

The most recent development in distance learning is now the development of competency-based learning or the acquisition of specific skills and competencies, not the specific purpose of the degree. This has changed the field of higher education as new, for-profit, and non-profit online schools have emerged that are truly competency-based and do not require teacher-student contact.

One of the largest online non-profit schools does not hire students in the classroom or faculty, changing the former traditional online learning model. Although there will be some students who adapt well to this type of learning, the human element of learning can still be transformative for any student who can interact with the teacher on a regular basis, especially if the teacher is highly involved in the learning process.

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