Physiotherapy Treatment For Tension Headache in Bonnyrigg

What is a tension headache?

According to one estimate, there are about 300 types of headaches and tension headache is one of the most common forms. The pain is usually mild to moderate, but others could also experience intense pain.

Pain is felt in the neck, head, and behind the eyes. People characterised the pain as if a tight band is put around their forehead that squeezes it over and over again.

Tension headache occurs one to two times per month or even more for some people. Women are more likely to experience tension headache than men.

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tension headache

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What causes a tension headache?

Studies show that tension headache is brought about by the contractions of the head and neck muscles. Some would experience tension headache after staring at a computer or TV screen for a long period of time or after driving for long hours. Triggers may also include cold temperatures, alcohol, fatigue, and stress, to name a few.

How physiotherapy relieves tension headache?

While it is true that people who have tension headache would first reach out for medications to reduce the pain, you would be surprised to note how physiotherapy in Bonnyrigg can provide great results.

Physiotherapy is designed to administer quick and long-term relief from pain such as the pain arising from a tension headache.

Massage techniques, joint manipulation, manual therapy, trigger point treatment, and dry needling are among the most effective techniques that a trained physiotherapist can use. Any of these techniques or the combination of them can reduce tension in the upper back, spine, and neck. Most patients after a physiotherapy session reported immediate relief from a tension headache.

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