Quran And Its Teachings About Modern Science

The Qur'an is a book of miracles, and it is a statement that has been accepted by many who have read the Qur'an and tried to understand it. This is something that Allah Almighty gave to improve mankind, so it is futile to fully understand this book, but no matter how much you read, you begin to accumulate knowledge that is beyond how many times you hear gurus from others or from you. religious, because they can never translate what they have learned from the Quran into a few sentences, the context is important.

After doing research, the Qur'an has given us a lot of scientific evidence that is known to a man recently and only recently. It used to be just a question that people couldn't answer. You can also avail the benefits of Online Quran learning courses nowadays.

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The Qur'an mentions at times that Allah Almighty created humans and allowed them to reproduce with one cell out of many cells, and then allowed the fetus to attach to the woman's womb. This is a discovery made recently in science while the Qur'an mentions it more than a thousand years ago.

This verse explains the concept of the orbits of the sun and moon, which continue to move in a defined orbit until they complete one cycle.

There are many other verses linked together to explain various fields of modern science only to find out that the Qur'an gave us knowledge hundreds of years ago and is studied today.

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