Eat Healthy Raw Irish Sea Moss

Irish sea moss, a type of red alga, is found in the North Atlantic around Ireland, Europe, and North America. It has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. Its name is actually a result of its use as a food source and nutrient source during the Irish Potato Famine of the 1800s. Irish sea moss, like many other algae, contains high levels of folate, Vitamin K and iron. It also contains iodine (magnesium), calcium, and iron.

It's likely that you have eaten raw Irish sea moss products, without knowing it. Carrageenan, the extract of Irish sea moss, is used as a stabilizing agent and gelling agent in hundreds of food products. It is also sold in raw form and used as an ingredient in many wellness-focused products, such as sea moss gels, Irish Sea Moss powder, and skin care products.


Anyone considering Irish sea moss supplements, rather than raw Irish sea moss, should remember that the supplement industry has not been regulated. This can make it difficult for consumers to determine which Irish sea moss supplements may be of good quality. 

There are many online videos that claim they can help consumers distinguish between real and fake sea moss. This can make it difficult to choose a high-quality product.

Irish sea moss is rich in nutrients and could be beneficial for your health. There is not enough evidence to support the claims of health associated with many products. It's best to first consult your doctor or dietitian if you are interested in Irish sea moss as a way to improve your health. 

You can find out if Irish sea moss is right for you. They might also be able to offer advice on how to use it or how to find high quality products.


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