Do You Need An SSL Certificate For Your WordPress Website?

SSL certification has been in vogue in recent times, among other things, due to a high level of education around website security and PCI compliance and the fact that many people don't know what it is and just want to go with the flow.

Even webmasters who have regular blogs don't want to include https: // in their URLs for other reasons. An SSL certificate, even if you don't need one, won't break your website. You can get fast & reliable web hosting in Australia via Digital Z.

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This article explains the hype about it and if you need it for your WordPress site. We'll also look at how HTTPS URLs can help build your reputation online.

Hype about SSL certificates

In May 2014, we had several customers asking if we could provide an SSL certificate and how we could implement it on their website. You will also need to get a unique IP address for your HTTPS URL so that your website can be uniquely identified on the internet.

Where an SSL certificate is really needed

SSL certificates are highly recommended when conducting financial transactions and storing personal / sensitive information which, if lost or intercepted, could result in financial loss or injury. An SSL certificate is simply a proof of identity that classifies domain names by server names or host names.

Do you need a WordPress website or blog?

In general, blogs or personal websites don't get much of a benefit from HTTPS URLs. This does not prevent hacks or brute force attempts on your web server. SSL cannot protect weak passwords or poor encryption.

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