Don’t Let The Bathroom Sink You, Try These Temporary Alternatives

What happens if you need to squeeze in a meeting in your office bathroom? Or, maybe you're just sick of the boring old white-and-gray tiles. Well, a new trend is embracing temporary bathrooms as an alternative to a full renovation. They're popping up all over the country, with DIYers and design wizards filling their bathrooms with ottoman benches and other fun features.

What is a Temporary Bathroom?

When your bathroom sink overflows and you can't take it anymore, a temporary bathrooms may be the answer. Temporary bathrooms are small, self-contained spaces that provide a clean, safe place to relieve yourself. 

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Temporary Bathroom Options

When the inevitable happens and your bathroom sink becomes unusable, don't give up hope. There are a few temporary bathroom options you can try. 

1. Fill a bucket with water and place it in the shower stall. This will create a makeshift bathtub.

2. Place a large ottoman in the middle of the room and use it as a makeshift toilet.

3. Place two chairs next to each other and lean them against the wall. This will create a makeshift shower stall.

4. Try using a cardboard box or crate as a temporary toilet. Make sure to cut a hole in the top of the box for ventilation.


There are times when we just can't squeeze in a bathroom visit before work or school. Unfortunately, these kinds of emergencies often lead to some pretty embarrassing moments. From using a cloth as an improvised seat to using beans to create the perfect make-shift soapy basin, hopefully, this list has helped you find the perfect solution for your unique circumstance.

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