Toxins in Human Body That Can Cause Serious Health Problems

You must accept the truth that you regularly ingest toxins into your body. A number of toxins come from foods that you eat everyday, usually in the form of pesticides that the farmers use.

Even the air you breathe through pollution brings toxins into your body. In actual fact there are few things that do not bring toxins into our bodies.

These harmful toxins can cause a wide variety of health problems including intestinal problems, respiratory problems and colon problems. You can also buy 3cmc online (which is also called 3cmc kopen in Dutch language).

What toxins are you exposed to? It is unbelievable but you can find many of harmful toxins in things that you would not even think had them in there. Here is a list of widely known chemicals, additives and toxins found in human body:

Acesulfame K




Alkyl-phenol Ethoxylades

Alpha Hydroxy Acid etc.

This is only a small list of toxins that can be found in your body; there are thousands more in use. Many of the chemicals listed above are suspected or known carcinogens, hormone disruptors, poisons and contaminates.

These toxins can give you a toxic reaction that can cause many health problems and even death! It is for this reason that you really should detox your system.

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