How to Manage the Pain of Scoliosis

If you have been diagnosed with scoliosis and have back pain, you should see your doctor. Pain is usually not an associated symptom, so other underlying causes must be ruled out. However, if your pain is diagnosed as part of your scoliosis, you should find ways to manage it. 

Dealing with pain, which can be intense at times, can be the worst part of scoliosis. Pain can prevent you from performing daily activities effectively. It is important to find ways to treat this disease early so that you can continue to enjoy your life. Here are some ideas that can help you manage your pain.

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Natural painkillers

Non-surgical natural remedies that are effective in treating scoliosis pain include breathing techniques, physical therapy, chiropractic care, relaxation techniques, back stretching, and exercise.

These options are effective in relieving symptoms associated with scoliosis but are not intended to treat scoliosis itself.


If your pain doesn't respond to natural pain relievers, taking a pain reliever may be the solution. Your doctor may recommend an over-the-counter pain reliever or a prescription pain reliever. Always work with your doctor to find the right pain reliever.

Using back support

In the case of scoliosis, a back orthosis is required of a degree of curvature of about 20-25 degrees. In this case, the internal organs are already affected. The increased curvature of the spine can cause pain and lead to other problems such as breathing, bowel problems, and blistering.

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