Importance Of Google Analytics

In the field of websites, uptime percentages and statistics are becoming increasingly important. Websites with unusually long downtime or poor performance are websites that are not driving web traffic.

It is very important that you have an efficient tool which can handle all these tasks efficiently and one of the tools is an agency dashboard for tracking all the activities and you view all  their plans and features online.

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Some of the key features of Google Analytics that have gained widespread recognition are:

Google Analytics provides data visualization tools including scorecards, dashboards, and movement charts to show changes in data over time.

1. Traffic Reports: At the most basic level, Google Analytics is a traffic report. This service tells you how many people visit your website each day. You can also track trends over time that will influence your online marketing decisions.

2. Conversion Tracking: Once you've identified a conversion point on your website (e.g. submitting a contact form, selling an ecommerce, or calling), you can set it up for tracking in Google Analytics. You can see when someone converted, the source of the traffic that referred them, and more.

3. Keyword Recommendations: Have you ever wondered what people are looking for when they find your website? With Google Analytics, you can see which keywords were used to find you, which can greatly impact your website's SEO strategy.

4. Third party referrals: You can see which third party websites are sending you traffic. This is useful because you can see which sites are worth spending more time on and if some new sites have started linking to yours.

5. Custom Dashboards: Google Analytics allows you to create semi-custom dashboards for your analytics. If seeing your web traffic, conversions, and recommended keywords is most important to you, you can add them to your dashboard

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