Ground Preparation – Before Laying Lawn Turf

Turf growers and turf vendors now sell their products online, which can include cultivated grass, topsoil, bark, and mulch. You can order from the comfort of your own home, choose a delivery date, sit back, and wait for your new lawn to arrive.

However, do not get too comfortable as the job is not done yet. Laying grass is relatively easy and your retailer will be able to offer advice on how to do it, but you need to make sure your terrain is prepared for the arrival of grass. You can buy the farm-fresh Sapphire Turf Supplier in Sydney through Hawkesbury Turf.

The following article will guide you through the ground preparation stages before ordering your new lawn.

Remove old grass

First of all, you need to remove old and worn grass. This can be done by cutting under the grass, ideally with a lawn shovel, but a regular shovel will do fine. For larger gardens you can hire a lawnmower from a local rental store, this will save some energy as well. 

Cultivating soil

The land without grass must now be cultivated or removed to a depth of around 150mm. This can be done manually by digging with a shovel. For a less labor-intensive approach and a more complete division of the existing soil, you can hire a motorized or rotary cultivator. Talk to a local tool rental store or garden center about this. Once grown, remove visible weeds, stones, and debris from the soil.

If you are unable to cultivate due to a lack of rotators or want to improve the quality of poor soil, you can order new topsoil from your lawn supplier. This can be a wheelbarrow loaded in the garden in piles and roughly leveled with a shovel. By adding new high-quality topsoil, you could add much-needed nutrients to the existing soil and ease the final preparation stage.

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