The Beauty of Fused Glass Dichroic

New developments in developing materials continuously affect the fashion industry, for example, new or sophisticated fibers increase the fire and wrinkle durability of the fabric. This progress often allows more amazing and impressive design creation than before, and this applies to controlled glass and contemporary jewelry.

Two-color coatings (pronounced in crow-ic) are actually not new technology, they have developed in Germany more than 100 years ago and have since been used in applications ranging from diagnosing specific diseases for use in hot search rockets. Dichroic glass was originally developed for use in the US Aerospace industry, but today we see it in a much more artistic light because it has a glass jewelry design that revolutionizes. To know more about the best CBS dichroic glass supplies, you may hop over to this website.

The process of making Dichroic glass involves fine deposition of quartz crystal coating and mineral oxides such as titanium, silicon, and magnesium on clear glass. Dichroism is literally an optical effect that is observed in certain materials where two different colors appear when viewed from different directions. In Dichroic glass, one color is visible when the light is reflected in the crystal surface and with angular changes, the second color is seen when light passes through the glass.

Additional processes combine joint glasses at high temperatures causing a "melted" glass and changing color and character. Thus the Dichroic glass that has finished has a hidden depth of color that is always changing which reminds of natural elements such as dragonfly wings and peacock feathers.

Dichroic handmade glass jewelry is a very skilled art form that, if done well, produces beautiful and amazing results. Possible designs are not limited in all fields; Colors, shapes, patterns, textures, etc. All can be produced and with creative designers of the pieces are very unique and interesting.

The best part about handmade Dichroic glass jewelry is that each item is made individually and therefore has a unique quality and personality because it is not possible to recreate the same part twice.

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