The Caregiver’s Guide To Alzheimer’s Disease

A Caregivers Guide To Alzheimer's Disease explains the stages and the effects on behavior. It also provides practical tips to maintain quality of life and mentally engage an Alzheimer's patient in order to slow down cognitive decline. 

You can also look for the best games for dementia patients via These games can be used to preserve cognitive abilities in people with Alzheimer's.

Virtual reality for dementia patients: How VR can be used to train carers

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Engage the person by asking him/her to verbally identify household objects. This will help improve language skills. Photographs can be used to identify people and objects. Do the same activities you did before the onset.

You can play games that require movements such as bean bag tossing or following exercise tapes. Decorate for the holidays. This will not only make the environment more stimulating but will also help to cue the patient towards the season.

Socializing. Encourage socializing. People with early Alzheimer's may feel less capable due to their cognitive impairments. They should feel reassured that they are still able to participate in social events. Sensory perception. 

You can paint different colors in one room or in multiple rooms. The patient's ability to concentrate and reduce their risk of falling can be improved by increasing the lighting. Decorate your house, windows, and tables.

Keep track of any behavior disturbances. Keep track of any behavior disturbances. Make note of the trigger, time, and other details. 

You can look for patterns to avoid them in the future. To prepare for when you will need assistance, delegate tasks now. Reduce the pitch of your voice. Avoid shouting, as it can cause agitation.

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