The Truth About Dog Chew Toys

If you are a dog lover, you must have heard about the dog chew toys. Chew toys can help keep your dog from chewing on your property, protecting it from swallowing dangerous objects, ease boredom and contribute to healthy teeth and gums. Not all chew toys, however, will do this for your pet. Here are some tips you might want to read to help you choose the right toy products.

Choose the Right Size

Dogs do not come in one size. The chew toy that you choose should be appropriate for the size of your pet. If the product is too large, your dog may not want to play with it at all. On the other hand, if the toy is too small, it may accidentally swallow it and choke it. You really have to know about the type and size of your dog well to get size appropriate toys. Many leading manufacturers of chew toys will have a clear warning on their labels to help you decide whether the toy is appropriate for your pet. You can find a variety of sizes of dog & puppy chew toys online.

Make Sure the Toy is Safe

In addition to checking the size of the toy, you should also check for safety features. Depending on the type of your dog, a toy that is too hard can damage the teeth while the toy that is too soft could result in accidental ingestion of torn or chipped parts. In general, you should avoid little chew toys with beads, buttons, string, wire, bells and fake fur. 

Choose Variety of Toys

This would not be a good idea to have the entire dog chew toy box, but you should at least have some of them. Puppies eventually get bored if they only have one type of chew toy. To avoid this, you should rotate your toys. It also would be a good idea to occasionally give your puppy toy with edible treats in it. This will encourage your pet to play with them.

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