Tips For Choosing Bunk Bed Beds

While single bunk beds are still very popular, they aren't quite as common as they once were. Some bedrooms seem to be already filled with two beds – so then it seems that two is too many to have just one bed! But if your bedroom is big enough, there is no reason why you cannot have at least one single bed. Here are a few advantages of having single beds over double beds:

Single bunk beds offer greater versatility in terms of the way you can use your floor space. Rather than two stacked single beds, single bunk beds only have a single top bed lofted above a lower twin bed. This makes them perfect for a huge number of reasons: for a child's room, you could sleep a group of three or more children on the lower bunk with mom or dad on the top bunk and older siblings on the top bunk. They are also great for small rooms because you can put them above an adult sofa or bed. So rather than sleeping three beds in a two-bedded room, you could have a single bed and sofa in the room, which will save you floor space and add a wonderful softness and coziness to the room.

In addition to being more versatile, single beds are often cheaper to purchase than double ones. The cost savings are partly offset by the fact that they take up less floor space. And because they are easier to assemble, putting in two single beds is a lot easier than putting in three – and usually cheaper to buy too.

Some disadvantages of single bunk beds are that they sometimes aren't as sturdy as other styles. If you choose a metal frame for your bed, it can be prone to rusting and chipping. They also tend not to offer the same robustness as wood frames, and in some cases they can be difficult to assemble if you don't know what you're doing. They are also not the most comfortable beds to sleep on. However, if you do a little research online, you should be able to find good single bunk beds at reasonable prices.

If you're looking to buy single bunk beds online, it is important that you pay close attention to the details of the make and model. These days, many bed frames are constructed from a very strong material, such as steel or aluminum. But if the model you're looking at is a metal one, for example, then you should expect that the frame is manufactured using high quality but cheap steel. You may well be able to buy discount frames of this type; especially if you shop online.

As well as looking for discount single bunk beds online, it is also a good idea to shop around if you have your heart set on buying one of these. While it is possible to get great discounts off many popular models, it is also worth bearing in mind how much weight each bed will take. While some models can be light enough for children to use without having to help them, others are much heavier. Before you choose a model, make sure you know what it will be used for, and how much weight it will support.

Most bunk bed frames have rails on all three sides. When choosing which ones to purchase, it is also a good idea to take a look at how many slats you can buy for the bed. The fewer slats you need to use, the less expensive it will be. However, you will need more slats if you buy double widths, for example, because it will require two rails to support the extra weight.

Some bed frames actually have two l-shaped posts at the bottom. These are useful for extra storage space below the bed, but you need to remember that the bottom two sets of legs will have to swing out to enable access to the storage areas. This can become problematic if you are only using the bottom bunk, but can be an ideal space saver for larger kids.

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