What Are Chinese Wontons?

"What are wontons?" This is a common question that people ask when they want to try Chinese food. China's food culture is unique and offers a variety of tastes and flavors. Depending on where you live, the variety and cooking methods for wontons can vary across China.

Wontons, a savory version of dumplings, are typically boiled and then tossed in soup. Deep-frying these delicious snacks are becoming more popular, though this is Americanized and not authentic. This type of wonton is commonly served as appetizers or snacks and is not usually served in Chinese restaurants. You can also visit https://www.formosamarket.com/collections/asian-dumpling-wonton to buy Chinese cheese wonton.

Dumpling & Wonton

Wonton is a Chinese word that means "swimming clouds". This is because the wonton floating around in the soup looks like clouds. Wontons are a staple meal in China, and they are usually prepared by the entire family. This tiny snack is more than just food; it holds significant significance for traditional Chinese families.

The making of the wontons is a big event. Everyone gathers around the kitchen table and prepares the delicious snack. The wontons were traditionally made on New Years' Eve and given to friends and relatives as soon as they entered the house.

Many cultures have started to create their varieties of wonton. However, it is important to see the Chinese version if you want an understanding of what wontons are. There are many fillings and flavor options for wontons. This is why it's so much fun to explore the vast array of choices.

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